Educational Programs

Educational Programs - La Duna Youth Leadership Program

Facing the undeniable environmental and social collapse of our times, we see our younger generations in the forefront of demanding change, and we want to support their efforts by offering a holding space,  an incubator for knowledge, organization, and networking to help manifest and grow their own initiatives. It is essential to offer tools and inspiration to support a different type of relationship with both the Earth and amongst people: A relationship of mutual respect for all living beings, and of personal responsibility to lead our actions so they sustain life. 

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La Duna's mission is to inspire and promote a regenerative connection to the natural community for a healthier sustainable future

La Duna and La Paz non-profit C. A. S. A. (Centro de Asesoría para La Sustentabilidad Ambiental, A.C) have created a art, science and environmental education place-based program at La Duna called Aula Viva (A living Classroom). The program activities use La Duna as an outdoor classroom for sustainability practices, highlighting our connection to the coastal dunes environments and the need for their protection. We have selected 5 students from the local universities to be trained as our guides and community outreach ambassadors.

*Help us sponsor the work of these young leaders so they can bring small groups to La Duna to experience the reasons for dune conservation. Every $250 sponsors the work of one these young leaders for a month. There are 5 young leaders, and 9 months of work. Thank you for your generous contribution!

*We also need you help to renew our sanitation areas. Every $1,000 can build a new updated composting toilet and hand washing station. We would love 4 new units and appreciate your help to get this done ASAP!

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Meet our Collaborators!

Stephanie Rousso, Mexico's representative for Upwell Foundation, is a scientist and PhD candidate at the local marine research center CICIMAR. She created a model program of citizen science and travel with a purpose, based at La Duna. She works with our neighboring fishermen communities to encourage sustainable practices and turtle protection, as well as their economic development. Her academic groups and yoga  retreats with her brand Blue Turtle Sustainable Retreats focus on the understanding of our interconnection with all living systems, and on supporting sustainable fisheries.

Conserva Collective is a parallel program lead by Brandon Rus, a scientist and eco-tour operator living in Los Cabos. His project includes an important aspect of youth leadership and business training through educational travel,  conservation practices, and community building. Conserva Collective created an eco-route between La Paz and Los Cabos where tourists and local youth groups visit La Duna and other selected locations to learn about sustainable tourism, ecology and natural sciences, organic gardening and permaculture, mindfulness and spirituality, sustainable fisheries and artisanal soap making, as part of an educational and vocational track for local youth.

La Duna collaborates with Lali Mitchell and Alden Hough from Sky Mountain Institute, and with Martha Blane from Qigong for Life to co-create unique nature immersion and mindfulness programs. Both the Eco-arts and Qigong are important resources for balance and resilience. They are basic tools to align our kin with the natural world and restore our patterns and rhythms to those of the Earth.  Our experiential program We are the Earth is offered this February 9-14, 2020. It is an approach to our participation in the Natural History of the Earth,  where understanding comes from using our own bodies and the eco-arts processes, to discover and join the natural intelligence.