La Duna is a hidden gem on a beautiful landscape of soft rolling coastal dunes

in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 
Our low-impact eco-casitas, camping areas, independent Casa Calma and open-air palapas make us a perfect venue for a variety of nature activities. Besides comfortable lodging and great food, you have the option to add on  nature tours.  You can come as a group of friends or family, and experience the wonders of our magical place.
We are known for our amazing beachfront setting and the truly unique energy restoration that comes from being completely off the grid and immersed in nature.

We welcome you with open arms into La Duna family!


La Paz

La Paz, Mexico is a unique, off-the-beaten path destination for nature lovers! Enjoy the contrasting combination of desert and sea life. Nature encounters with whales, sea lions, whale sharks, and many more sea wonders, contrast with hiking and horseback riding in the ancient deserts and canyons. Explore our variety of outdoor activities that let you appreciate the natural bounty of this land.

La Duna

We are located in the Gulf of California just 40 minutes North of the city of La Paz. We are close to the city but secluded enough to enjoy a star-laced night sky, the undisturbed view of Espiritu Santo island, and multicolored mountains. 

Enjoy the biodiversity of desert and sea life by exploring the natural beauty of this land.  Nature will lead your experience here, as you relax and allow it to touch you deeply.


We provide an environment of peace and simplicity incorporating the creative participation of the local community, and using sustainable technologies to supply our needs. 8 eco-casitas are perfect for two people. Our independent Casa Calma hosts two additional guests.  A total max of 18 guests. We provide meals for your group. Transportation and other activities can be arranged.


We are the Earth

Remember how to understand the language of Nature? Learning ecological practices and nature-based arts we slow down to listen to Earth's wisdom. Connecting to our anima mundi we integrate into life's sustaining networks.

Aula Viva

We see our younger generations in the forefront of demanding change, and we want to support their efforts by offering a holding space, incubator for knowledge, organization, and networking to help manifest and grow their own initiatives.

Support our Educational Programs!. Your contribution is tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor SkyMountain Institute. Make a DONATION Today!

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