Mindful Conservation

Mindful Conservation

Citizen science is the practice of public participation in recording species of fauna and flora to advance scientific knowledge. Local ecological research initiatives benefit from your participation and you benefit by learning more about what you are observing from a local wildlife biologist. As we know more about nature, we become more connected and more mindful about the world around us.

La Duna is base-camp for scientific research perfect for integrating citizen science and tourism activities. La Duna was consciously built to avoid building or impacting the coastal dunes and limit the impact to the coastal scrub. 

Traveling with a purpose means giving back to the community you visit. Our guests can participate in fun monitoring activities, helping preserve the biodiversity of coastal dunes and adjacent ecosystems, while providing the local community with alternative income that protects Nature.


6 km of pristine beach lined by coastal dunes that protect hectares of coastal desert scrub with a plethora of endemic fauna and flora. 180° Views of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range.


Retreat guests can participate upon previous request in our active monitoring of low tide invertebrates, macroalgae density and biodiversity, bat biodiversity and habitat use, coastal dune mapping, wildlife tracking in coastal dunes and scrub, shorebird and seabird habitat use, fish and invertebrate biodiversity of kelp and symbiosis. Local wildlife biologists and naturalist guides will provide volunteers with the tools to observe, identify, and register inventories of flora and fauna. With this information, we will be able to present a case to create a land trust nature reserve at La Duna, including an interpretative center for coastal biodiversity, turtle at sea, and wildlife restoration.


Our citizen science activities are designed with mindfulness to connect your mind, body, and spirit with nature. Each volunteer will be provided with a recycled paper journal. As we register different species of fauna and flora, our biologists will teach us about the ecology of each. We note the species that really draw our individual attention and journal about their spiritual meaning that is unique to each of us. Your journal serves as your take-home prescription book of natural medicine to maintain your renewed mind-body-spirit connection.


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