Nature Encounters

La Paz, Baja California Sur

La Paz is a unique off the beaten path destination for Nature lovers! People come to enjoy the contrasting combination of desert and sea life. From fishing and nature encounters with whales, sea lions, whale sharks, and many more sea wonders, to hiking and horseback riding in the ancient canyons, La Paz offers a variety of options for outdoor activities that let you appreciate the natural bounty of this land.

Several non-profit organizations, as well as small local businesses, collaborate at La Duna to provide you with a menu of science monitoring and adventure tours. Your business supports their conservation efforts, and it connects you to a locally conscious network of people creating a healthier way of life. All tours are priced per person and include round-trip transportation from La Duna. We can help make the reservation for you and you can pay the provider directly.


La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur turtle protection monitoring

DURATION: Overnight Research Trip FEE: $135 USD per person Min 2-Max 6 guests - capture - tag - measure - weigh - and safe release of turtles from shallow feeding areas. Basic food, dome tents, sleeping bags, and snorkel gear provided. All turtles captured will be given a name and a unique marking by participants. Snorkel monitoring day trip: $85 USD per person Min 2-Max 6 guests count and stalk turtles in their feeding areas. Snorkel with feeding aggregations of sea turtles, learn how to identify up to five different species, identify juvenile from adult and male from female, learn how to stalk a turtle and record their behavior. Health studies with capture net and permit - learn how to weigh and measure a turtle, learn about the hitchhikers on their carapace and skin, help scientific take biopsy for genetic studies, learn how to photo-identify an individual turtle from their face scales, and coming soon, help monitor turtles using visual paint markings.

La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur reef fish monitoring

DURATION: 3 hrs FEE: $200 per trip for 6 participants max You and your group will receive instruction on how to identify different families of fish - colors, patterns, sizes, tail form, body form, etc. Review of most common fish and where they live. Review of the small fish and how to spot them. Learn about who eats what and how - fish teeth are different depending on the family. Learn how to make a citizen science report to share your real fish data with the world for science.


DURATION: 3 hrs FEE: $200 per trip for 6 participants max. Similar to their reef monitoring, except in mangroves at Mogote, and it includes seine net and plankton tows and scientific methods. Use stereo and light microscopes to check out the microscopic world of what whale sharks, manta rays and baleen whales eat all day long, every day. Help scientists catalog and inventory the mangrove inhabitants for long-term mangrove health studies. May also include restoration activity with mangrove planting.

La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur red mexico espiritu santo

DURATION: 8 hrs FEE: $130 USD per person, Minimum 6 people Our sustainable travel partner RED offers an adventure of Snorkel with sea lions and tropical fish, interpretive island nature hike, lunch, beverages, and snacks. A visit to one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, Balandra will top your day off! RED’s non-profit arm is implementing a program with Mexico’s National Protected Areas Commission to reduce the impacts of tourism on Espíritu Santo, ensure tour operators and guides employ best practices, as well as enhance the overall visitor experience.

La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur red travel mexico la paz beyond malecon

DURATION: 2.5 HRS FEE: $45 USD per person Minimum 6 participants Our sustainable travel partner RED offers La Paz culture, best street food, art & crafts, urban art and much more. RED trains women to become city guides, in the process developing skills they can use in other employment opportunities or even to launch their own micro-enterprises. Tour does not include food, drinks or tips.

La Duna Ecology Center La Paz Baja California Sur birdwatching

DURATION: 6 hrs FEE: $60 USD per person, minimum 2 people - max 12. Jonathan Vargas, bird expert and founder of San Blas Birding offers an afternoon introductory talk showing techniques and equipment, bird characteristics and identification, and prepares you to go out in the field. A specialized guide, he will help you, with the use of binoculars and telescope, observe the endemic, resident, and migratory birds of La Duna, like the Gray Thrasher, Xantus Hummingbird, Gilded Flicker.

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