SAVE Travel Program

In alliance with Alianza Keloni we offer travel packages for Scientists, Teachers, Students, Volunteers and
anyone and everyone who wants to travel with a purpose.

SAVE travel in two integrated themes:
1. Ecological biodiversity - help scientists conduct census surveys on the flora and fauna that inhabits the coastal dunes, beach, intertidal zones, sargassum and coral reefs, and mangrove wetlands. Research projects: symbiotic relationships of fauna associated with floating sargassum reefs, symbiosis of macroinvertebrates with sea turtles, intertidal biodiversty, beach erosion, coastal dune biodiversity, and symbiosis of fauna associated with mangrove roots.

2. Sustainability Practices - join experts in hydroponics, fresh water catchment systems, seaweed composting and gardening, artisan up-cycling crafts, natural material building designs, local ranch-style Mexican cooking, sustainable artisan fisheries and aquaculture.

Data and feedback gained from these activities help local biologists create local field guides, study population trends of endangered and migratory species, develop curriculum for local secondary schools, and share data with global citizen science databases.

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SAVE travel provides:

Scientific community a way to contribute to scientific advancements while traveling,
Academic community a living laboratory of different ecosystems to bring the classroom into the field,
Volunteers the ability to travel with a purpose and leave a legacy to a local community in Mexico,
Education community a chance to awaken their senses and creativity in nature.

SAVE travel sessions from 1 week up to 2 months.
The longer you stay with us, the more you see and learn.

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Alianza Keloni A.C. Protecting Marine Life
Alianza Keloni A.C. Protecting Marine Life

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