We are the Earth Program

Remember how to understand the language of Nature
Appreciate your unique leadership and gifts as part of the web of life


Learning sustainable practices and nature-based arts we slow down to listen to Earth's wisdom. Connecting to our anima mundi we can integrate our own weaving into life's sustaining networks.

Eco-arts & fascinating science behind the intelligence of life guide our journey to manifest a participatory relationship with self and the world

We Will:

  • Learn practical tools to restore balance and our integral connection with all living beings.
  • Weave together eco-practices and science with the expressive arts and indigenous knowledge, in a peaceful unique biodiverse habitat of desert and sea-life.
  • Draw inspiration and knowledge from expert ecologists, educators, and artists to obtain practical skills for transformation and resilience.
  • Cultivate a renewed Earth vision for inspiration and restoration of self and others



La Duna Centro Ecológico is focused on nature connection, wellness retreats, green technologies, environmental education, and scientific research.We collaborate with  local and international conservation and educational non-profits to offer experiential programs based at our Center. We also help build local youth leaders as guides and ambassadors of local conservation and restoration efforts.

Sky Mountain Institute LogoSky Mountain Institute is a nonprofit educational, research, and training center founded in 1981, dedicated to exploring the relationship between the creative arts and the healing of self, family, community, and planet. We work directly with children, groups, and communities to build learning environments that realign us with a sustainable human-earth presence. As an institute, we develop programs and materials to assist in this process.

Expressive Arts & EcoArts

La Duna Retreat Spring 2018 Expressive ArtsExpressive Arts & EcoArts give us access to the hidden language that exists within our embodied engagement with Gaia. This powerful medicine allows us to connect with ancient wisdom that belongs to us collectively: the Old Soul voice that cuts to the essence and weaves us back into the Earth. We will use journaling, clay, collage, movement, natural objects, music and poetry to make visible our experiences.


La Duna Retreat Spring 2018 PermaculturePermaculture design is a path for directly using and learning from the patterns in natural ecosystems with the good of Nature and all of its inhabitants in mind. We will build a water catchment system or a solar still to convert salt water into drinkable water, learn practices to restore natural soil fertility and expand our understanding of living in harmony with Gaia.

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